Hero's arms is a roleplaying game created by berserk studio that pits you as a little kid against the mighty Godzak and his minions. There are two sets of controls. In the first set of controls, you use the arrow keys to move, z to attack, and x to use your magic attack. The other set uses the w/a/s/d keys for moving, the n key to attack, and the m key for the magial attack.

In Hero's arms, the magical attack is the most powerful. It transforms your character into a burst of magical energy and propells you forward, doing damage to any opponents in your past. This can kill most non-boss opponents. You can increase the power and type of your normal attack by collecting items. Although you start with only a twig, you can gain a sword and a special throwing axe later on in the game. With the axe equipped, your basic attack is a throw attack, and your magic attack is two homing axes. However, the axe does not do very much damage.

You start in a small town, where you can find some coins and a power elixir to level one of your stats up. After that, you must go into the uncharted wilderness, killing monsters like gigantic bugs, rat soldiers, rat rangers, and globs of ooze. You will soon find your way to a town where you can buy things like the Fire Armor. The items available are Fire Armor, Thunder Shield, Frost Sword, plaster band, magic soda, and chicken leg.

There are two dungeons in the game. When you die in a dungeon, you go back to the start of the dungeon. In one of the dungeons, which contains a lot of the ooze monsters, you can find your sword. The next dungeon, where some players spend most of their time and do most of their leveling, is Godzak's palace. Here you eventually follow a path down to a huge monster. This monster is almost impossible to beat unless you are quite high level. After defeating the monster, you go on to a greater challenge and continue your quest to destroy the Evil Godzak.