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level 3 of stage 1.

Fire and Ice is a side-scrolling game on candystand.


In Fire and Ice, you control two characters named Fire and Ice. You can switch between characters by jumping on crystals. You can jump on enemies to kill them, or you can press the spacebar to shoot at them. Fire's shot goes farther and has worse aim than Ice's, but causes a fire that kills the enemy if they run into it. Ice's shot goes a short distance but bounces indefinitely.


There are four zones. The first one is an island zone, and the boss is a genie. The second one is an egypt zone, and the boss is a pharoh. The third zone is a forest zone, and the boss is a gigantic bird. The fourth zone is frozen, with a dragon boss.


In addition to the bosses, there are many types of monsters in each stage. In the first stage, there are flying clawed creatures, which do damage to you if they hit you. There are creatures which slowly crawl along the ground and appear to be magma formed into a vaguley humanoid shape with a helmet. If you run into one of these, it won't do damage, but it will bind you to the ground, allowing other monsters to come along and deal damage to you easily. The third monster type in the first stage is a snail. When you jump on the snail, it dies, but if you shoot it, it simply retracts into its shell, which you must kick away or jump on to kill. In the second zone, there are trees that can only be harmed by being shot. If you jump on one of the trees, you take damage, There are armadillo-like creatures that roll around and are immune to your shots. Some of the armadillos, the glowing red ones, are even immune to jumping and should not be touched at all. There are also mummies which take 3 shots to kill. In the third zone, the forest zones, there are birds, tree stumps that take three jumps to kill, mushrooms, and similar plants, animals, and fungi that you might find in a rainforest. The fourth zone has snowmen, yetis, and a monster shaped like a torpedo that flies slowly through the air. These monsters are also summoned by the dragon boss, and the best strategy to kill the dragon boss is to jump from these as they move side to side (it takes many jumps to kill them, you can use them as an aerial form of transport.