Ballracer is an OMGPOP game which is hosted on candystand. Like other OMGPOP games, it is multiplayer. People can join existing matches or create their own. In each level, the goal is to race your hamster ball to the ending flag before anybody else does. Obstacles will stand in your way, like steps, jumps, ramps, and even choices of which direction to go, although unless you have very fast reflexes, you will not see obstacles quickly enough when you are speeding along.

You are allowed to buy accessories for your hamster ball with OMGPOP coins, as in the other OMGPOP games. You can get a different hamster ball, a new animal like a dog or a cat instead of just a shadowy hamster, a flag, more balls coming off of yours and attached by strings, etcetera. You can earn gold, silver, and bronze medals depending on your placement in the game and on how many players there were. For example, if there are three players in a match, there will be no bronze or silver. However, there will be a silver if there are four players. These medals accumulate in a collection of medals on your home page of the game.